Screaming Fatal Truths II

Joe Briggs


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Screaming Fatal Truths II is the second collection of disposable punk photographs and text by Joe Briggs. Joe’s appetite for shows is insatiable (he travels from Oxford to every single punk gig in London, and many others further afield). His ‘method’ is fast and democratic just like these grainy pictures—the results are full of energy, burst flash and mutual respect. Maybe he takes a couple of frames per band? Who knows—this is a ‘collection’ looking forward; single use cameras are usually processed, captioned and published online the next morning, and then he’s at the next show.

“History is not just a dry plod of facts, or it shouldn’t be. It’s a process unfinished, a marker or warning for what could lie ahead. The act of documenting a scene is not an archiving or an embalming, but a reaffirmation of these things we share, these things that can be created. These places that these gigs happen and these people making this music, or taking it in.”

—Joe Briggs, from the introduction

This new volume includes (in order of appearance): Game • PMS • Screaming Toenail • BIB • Negative Space • Farce • Strong Arm • Disguise • Permission • Pinkgrip • Arms Race • The Snivellers • Razor • Good Throb • Rat Cage • Hex • Top Deck • Child’s Pose • Vile Spirit • Maladia • Owner • Bodily Fluids • Lovescum • Public Service • Score • Blóm • Hank Wood and the Hammerheads • Anxiety • Primitive Future • Cuntroaches • Nosferatu • Disjoy • Firewalker • Haram

Joe Briggs lives in Oxford and goes to a lot of punk shows. He is a member of SCRAP BRAIN and also writes the punk crit zine Brutalist Shimmy.

Purchased by UAL London College of Communication.

  • Paperback
  • 210 x 148 mm
  • 52 pp
  • 39 colour
  • May 2018
  • 978-
  • Edition of 200
  • Offset print, saddle stitched binding. Pre orders come w/ a 7.5 x 5? hand-stamped C-Type print of Game or Firewalker printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.