Perpetual Skip Middex

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Front cover of the book, Perpetual Skip, by Middex.

Selected by the National Poetry Library for its collection

Straight from the metropole’s edge lands—a place of boy racers with glowing undercarriages and poorly funded train station platforms—comes the interstitial world of Middex. Who better to offer Perpetual Skip than those from the margins?


About the book

Perpetual Skip is the new collection of poetic prose from the electrifying voice of Middex. In this bookwork, 11 sermons, once soaked in pools of echo are orphaned from the noise – taking on an urgent and compelling archive—(non) prayers stoked by vivid light. Here, words are on the move, crossing all zones—sprawling grounds of a strange borough—with broken catholic memories and colour. In Skinhead on a Raft we follow the arc of a smoked and discarded cigarette and stay with it on the floor. Discarded cigarette, discarded truths. Glue Preference honours the writers in the unlit underground yards. Stories look outwards; through a scratch-tagged bus window, to the ceiling (and beyond) of a rented flat, and into the canal—rank and receiving. Perpetual Skip is a constant. A beautiful mess with a million stories. ‘Oh it loves a mess – and the mess – is the moss – of denial.’

About the author

Middex has previously released records through Polytechnic Youth, The Tapeworm, Makina Books and Infant Tree. Their first album, No Home was released in 2018. Middex performs very occasionally. Listen to Middex.

Middex by Robin Christian. Kevin hendrick sits in a chair, the photograph is colour and lit by a bright flash bulb
MIDDEX by Robin Christian
Publication teaser for 'Perpetual Skip'
Employed Voice by Middex


Trim Size
210 x 168 mm
32 pp
Illustrations Colour
6 colour
Illustrations B&W
8 black & white
Publication Date
1 November 2020
Production Spec
Loop binding, litho printing, full colour
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Poetry, Music