Grief Stitches Emily Harrison

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Front cover of the poetry book, Grief Stitches by Emily Harrison, published by Makina Books

An extraordinary book of tenderness, devastation and reclamation. Each poem is a prayer, both an ending and a beginning. Beautiful.

Joelle Taylor
author of C+nto & Othered Poems
Cover and card for Grief Stitches by Emily Harrison (Makina Books)

About the book

In Grief Stitches, Emily Harrison has created a remarkable series of poems that exist in a continual state of suspension. Throughout, there is an uncanny sense of ‘almost’—almost understanding—almost recovering from—almost suffocating—almost free. These poems crackle with vividity as much as they shift, challenging us to consider the speakers’ weighted existence as they navigate between recovery and survival, charm and approval. Here, Swindon’s uneven landscape is scored with phone boxes and sugar—the ground slowly thickening around each chaotic detail with moments of calm and domestic comfort. From addiction and abuse to actualising a selfhood, this exciting and original poetic enquiry deftly explores the possibilities of a life where everyday suffering is replaced with small luxuries and a power greater than oneself.

Emily Harrison is a poet and writer from Swindon. She lives and teaches in Hackney.

The poet, Emily Harrison


In Grief Stitches, Emily Harrison has achieved something astonishing – each moment of chaos has its equal in exquisite, distilled detail; urgency its counter in stasis; sickness and grief in strength and beauty. These are poems of incredible power.

Rebecca Perry
author of Stone Fruit


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30 June 2022
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