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On Trampolining Rebecca Perry

In On Trampolining, Rebecca Perry weaves arresting tales on pain, expectation, flight and grief in relation to competitive sport, memory and the body.


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Front cover of On Trampolining by Rebecca Perry, published by Makina Books

In her elegant and intelligent meditation on the art of trampolining, Rebecca Perry writes movingly on pain, grief, love, and self-will. The beauty and economy of her sentences, and her frank but unselfpitying attention to the power and frailty of the body, recalls the work of Maggie Nelson and Gillian Rose, but is entirely hers. I loved it.

Sarah Perry
author of  The Essex Serpent

Lobsters Wayne Holloway-Smith

In Lobsters, Wayne Holloway-Smith turns his innovative poetics towards an exhilarating new work that is part songbook, part elastic melodrama.

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Strangers (Expanded Edition) Rebecca Tamás

Published in deluxe paperback, March 2022. Repackaged for 2022 with an additional essay and new design elements!

In Strangers, Rebecca Tamás explores where the human and nonhuman meet, and why this delicate connection just might be the most important relationship of our times.

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Front cover of Strangers (Expanded Edition) by Rebecca Tamás, published by Makina Books

Bursting with intellectual generosity. Deep wide roots and radical shoots

Max Porter

Introducing Makina Audio!

This month we are launching our first audio programme. The project, a collaboration with access and inclusivity consultant Caroline Dawson, brings together three debut poets (originally from India, Ireland and Birmingham) reading their books in full, with additional audio descriptions illustrating the look and feel of each front cover, back cover, flaps and spine. This work is generously supported by a project grant from Arts Council England.

Glass - Cover Audio Description by Caroline Dawson

Glass Emily Cooper

In Glass, Emily Cooper’s poetics masterfully create a compelling space that deliberately excludes wide views—instead bringing her pen up close to a dilapidated house in a small rural town with its own personality.

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Front cover of the Makina Poetry book, Glass, by Emily Cooper. A quote by Jack Underwood reads: 'Cooper is a poet of impressive deftness and idea.'

Cooper is a poet of impressive deftness and idea

Jack Underwood
author of Happiness

HYPERLOVE Naomi Morris

Hyperlove burns with frustration and fervour as Naomi Morris explores heteronormative ideals, romantic happily-ever-afters and the historical oppression of women and their right to agency and expression.

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Front cover of the book, HYPERLOVE by Naomi Morris, published by Makina Books. The cover is red and pink with a motif of some lips. A quote by Maria Sledmere reads: 'Simmering at the lovelorn altar with Simone Weil, Angel Olsen and Instagram, Hyperlove explores the ‘Absolute Dirty Secret’ of desire’s imperative.'

Disruptive and extrasensory as a crush, Morris’ work summons us back into our own reflections.

Kandace Siobhan Walker

The Yak Dilemma Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal

In The Yak Dilemma, Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal ventures out of the mountain ranges of Palampur and across vast distances of land and sea.

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Front cover of the Makina Poetry book, The Yak Dilemma, by Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal. A quote by Sean Hewitt reads: 'These are songs of belonging and of movement, of fluid identity, carefully crafted and always graceful.''